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WATCH: U.S TV show picks up Irish viral video of lads tackling Ireland's hottest chicken wings

A viral video featuring three Irish lads taking on the daunting task of eating Ireland's hottest wings has been picked up by a US TV show.

Right This Minute is a viral video show in which four hosts dissect footage and go behind the scenes to bring viewers the bigger picture.

The Independent.ie video shows the three Irish guys at Bad Bob's in Temple Bar, Dublin where they're served up the hottest wings in the count.

The sauce measures an eye-watering 5-7 million scoville units.  That's 5-7 times more than the hottest chili in the world, the Bhut jolokia 'Ghost Chili'.

"Ireland isn't exactly know for its spicy food," says host Christian Vera while her fellow presenter Oli Pettigrew tells viewers that "pepper spray is about 2 million [scoville units] so [the wings] are three times worse than pepper spray."

As the guys settle down to eat their individual approaches are analysed and Vera commends them on their efforts, despite the fact they didn't manage to finish their wings.

"Why would you want to do that?" says host Nick Calderone, adding, "I can't stop thinking about what happens in 6-8 hours!"

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