Tuesday 22 October 2019

WATCH: The moment man taps keg and causes it to explode everywhere will have you in stitches

Gasthof Zewager

Footage from Gasthof Zewager brewery in Germany of a man attempting to tap a keg, has gone viral over the last couple of days and has been viewed over 4 million times.

A young man, armed with a large wooden mallet, first breaks what looks like a large ceramic mug as he vigorously taps at the beer keg in an attempt to get the beer flowing.

This first breakage elicits peals of laughter from his friends who were about to witness a far more extreme situation.

As he continues to tap at the beer keg, the tap breaks off, and frothy beer spurts everywhere.

The previously clean, dry room suddenly looks like the scene of a foam party as frothy beer flies everywhere.

The Gasthof Zewager brewery is a family-run brewery in Germany which has operated since 1639 according to the company's website.

The video provides a good lesson on what not to do when trying to get your beer keg running smoothly.

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