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WATCH: Is this the most Christmassy house in Dublin?

The Walsh family have gone all out to spread some Christmas cheer, this festive season.

"I wanted to do it right this year. I started putting them up a couple of weeks ago and as a family we have always been big into Christmas," Dylan Walsh told Independent.ie.

"As a kid, I used to look at other houses around the area and said to myself, 'when I start working I will buy lights and have a good display on the house'.

"Now, at 21, I get I lot of stick off my mates. but it's never going to put me off sticking up my Christmas lights."

Mr Walsh added that he wants to have a spectacular display for his two little nephews Harry and Oscar were born in 2014.

"It's steadily growing and getting bigger each year.

"I want to have the biggest display in Finglas and want people to drive past the house and enjoy the lights."

It's safe to say Dylan is definitely leading the way this year.

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