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WATCH: Identical Irish twins (1) re-enact scene perfectly from Frozen and have gone viral around the world

Adorable twin girls, Madelyn and Scarlett Jordan (1), have taken the internet by storm with their re-enactment of their favourite scene from Frozen.

The video has been seen over 24 million times in just a few days, melting the hearts of people across the world.

The twins' mum, Colleen Jordan, from Philadelphia, shared the sweet video on Facebook.

Colleen told Independent.ie that she's shocked by the reaction the video has received.

"I'm still in shock. I'm just happy to make people smile from the video. There has been so many heartfelt comments. It means so much."

Colleen was quick to add, "We are around 85pc Irish but sadly have never been there. A lot of my ancestors are from Dublin".

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