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WATCH: Galway bride drives herself to the church in tractor as neighbours 'keep her lit' along the way

Nicola Kelly, of Kilkerrin in Co. Galway, was originally meant to spend a glorious journey from house to church in the plush surroundings of a vintage white Rolls Royce however, being from a farming background and with the tractor lying idle for the day, her father volunteered to drive her to the church himself in their Massey Ferguson 7620.

At the last minute however, he had a change of plan - she was going to drive the tractor to the church herself.

"It was a bit emotional," she tells THEVOW.ie of the journey to the church in Kilkerrin Village, "I wasn't expecting to see as many people out and when I got to Kilkerrin Village there were so many people standing outside the pub waiting."

"Looking back, even on the situation with the tractor I was saying 'no I'm not going to drive it, I'm not going to, I don't want to I'm pure nervous'... But now, looking back, I'm so delighted I did."

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