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WATCH: Five-year-old girl from Dublin gives masterclass in hairstyling

If someone was ever born to be a hairstylist, it's five-year-old Emily Moran from Dublin.

An adorable video sent in from Emily's mother shows her daughter giving a masterclass in hairstyling, and she absolutely loves it.

Denise Moran wrote: "Everybody just adores her she’s a ray of sunshine.

"It’s only a temporary pigment colour that washes out in about two washes. She went straight to Tenerife after so the swimming pool made short work of it..."

Emily, who is starting school on Monday, has even had experience on the set of Game Of Thrones.

"I work on TV and film." Emily's mother wrote.

"She has been with me on Game Of Thrones in the hair department, she adores hair and make up".

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