Thursday 23 May 2019

WATCH: Dogs pick their Christmas presents at Dog's Trust

Dog's Trust

At Dog's Trust this year, instead of buying each other Christmas presents, the staff decided to do 'Secret Santa Paws' for the dogs in their Rehoming Centre. Some dog's are a bit more picky than others.

Dog's Trust published the video on social media saying: "This year, instead of buying each other gifts, we decided to do 'Secret Santa Paws' for the dogs in our Rehoming Centre and then let them pick their own toy.

"As you will see, some were more eager than others and some wanted more than one toy at a time. We hope you smile as much as we did watching the dogs have so much fun! Merry Christmas!!"

The charity found a 30% increase in people looking to give up their dog in January 2018, compared to the previous year.

Dogs Trust recently announced that they will suspend the rehoming of dogs from their centre over the festive period to prevent people rushing out to get a dog for Christmas.

You can find out more about the dogs in this video here



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