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WATCH: Dog attempts to save best friend that slipped into canal

This is an act of true friendship.

Rescue dog Bennie (12) and his best pal Suzie (10) had been out for a walk in Mullingar when disaster struck.

"We had been out for a run on Saturday morning when Suzie got into a bit of bother," their owner Laura Filness told Independent.ie.

She and Myles Hogarth were out running with the dogs as part of Bressie's rhythm run - which consists of a 5km run each day for the month of January - when Suzie fell into the canal.

"She got caught in the bank and couldn't get out," said Laura.

"Bennie did his best to save her. He dived straight in."

He tried his best to save his friend but his brave efforts weren't enough to get Suzie out of danger.

Thankfully Myles had no qualms about braving the freezing temperatures of the water and jumped in the canal to pull Suzie out.

Bennie's reaction is heartwarming.

Get yourself a friend like Bennie.

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