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WATCH: 'Craic is 90' as Irish adventurer teaches Tanzanian locals the 'Rattlin' Bog'

Steven Curtis was at the end of a week-long hike up and down Kilimanjaro, and decided to repay his guides with a rendition of the Irish classic – 'Rattlin Bog'.

During their ascent and descent of Kilimanjaro, Steven and 18 other adventurers were regularly serenaded by their guides and daily porters – who sang African songs in Swahili to motivate them for their trekking.

"Daily before, during or after their working day these guys made the time to perform and share Swahili songs with us to keep us motivated and our energy levels high for the days trekking." Said Steven.

"These guys work so hard up and down the mountain day and night... Carrying and setting up equipment, tents, food, tables, chairs, going to water sources, collecting water, cleaning water, cooking, carrying portable toilets and more. Not once in 7 days did I witness an argument amongst them. I can't comprehend their energy and positivity."

In return to thank them for their positivity on the last day we sang a song for the Tanzanians guides and Porter's... Nothing says Irish sing song like the 'Rattlin' Bog'. It was electric, craic was 90."

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