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WATCH: American comedian gives hilarious take on the game of hurling

American comedian, Josh Pray, gives his side-splitting take on the game of hurling.

All of us are in awe when the hurling championship comes around every summer, but none more so than Josh Pray whose hilarious take on the sport has us in stitches.

Josh starts by apologising to all Irish people after watching his first game of hurling, saying “I thought all y’all do is throw a few back, drink a little bit, have the reddest of red hair and talk with a dope accent.”

“These Irish men are moving like fast, everybody on that field can get a speeding ticket with their feet.”

“Y’all not going to sue Harry Potter for taking y’all game and putting it on brooms?”

The video, which has over 1.4 million views on Facebook, has united the sport’s fans and non-followers on just how unusual the game is.

“I want to know who invented hurling because I feel like a person woke up and said I want to play baseball? No. I want to play football? No. I want to play soccer? No. I want to play rugby? No. I want to play golf? You know what, just put it in a pot and we gonna call it hurling.”

For Josh, who hails from Florida, there’s one position he’ll never play.

“Do you understand how difficult it might be to play goalie? I’d rather go eat a bed of nails on the back of a shark in the middle of a swamp on planet nowhere.”

“Hurling has to be the most difficult, eye hurting sport I have ever witnessed.”

“I am all for bringing the world closer together, I am all for Americans needing to try new things - y’all keep hurling over there.”

“Cause I’m telling you right now the first time a ball come flying at my face, the speed that it slaps in a match of hurling, I’m calling the police, I’m calling the Commissioner, I’m calling the President, I’m calling my momma,” said Mr Pray.

Josh has also taken to camogie in a new video, saying it’s played by “the goddesses of the earth”.

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