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WATCH: A fiddle a day - Galway musician gains international recognition for incredible tunes

A musician has become a viral success after uploading a different video every day of himself playing the fiddle.

Fergal Scahill, from Galway plays full time with Irish/bluegrass band We Banjo 3, and last year he set himself a challenge.

"I set the goal to record a tune every day of this year and post it to Facebook, instagram (@fergalscahillmusic) and youtube.

"I had no idea that it was going to be received as well as it has been," he told Independent.ie.

He started out with 243 'likes' on his page in January, and today it's sitting at over 11,000 with fans in 45 countries from Peru to Tawian.

"Because of the nature of our touring schedule, some days I recorded in an airport, or at a car rental place, or just on the street and I think this caught people's imaginations."

He has posted 90 videos so far and some have over 100,000 views.

"I never imagined it taking off like this. As I travelled through America, I either got requests from people to meet me for a tune, or I actively searched for musicians, or dancers, in whatever town we were gigging in that night. This is a wonderful way to connect with friends old and new."

Fergal is no stranger to fame and last year he played for President Obama on Capital Hill and their latest album got to no. 1 in the Billboard World Music Charts in the USA.

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