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VIDEO: 'We’re gonna have to lock the doors' - Kerry bat family returns after mouse invades house

A family whose capers with a bat in their kitchen went viral last year had yet another unwanted guest in their house.

Last September, a video of the Kerry-based Fleming family attempting to swat the bat out through the kitchen door with a towel was widely shared around the world, even landing them on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

Father and son duo Derry and Tadhg can be seen in the newest video trying to get a mouse out of their bathroom. Tadhg, who recorded the whole thing, can be seen trying to get the mouse out using a brus handle, while Derry stoops down to see if he can find the rodent.

Tadhg originally uploaded the caper in two parts on his Facebook page, where they have over 50k views each.

"We’re gonna have to start locking the doors and windows," he wrote.

If you missed the original video, you can watch it here:


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