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VIDEO - Trailer: Pierce Brosnan as an ex-IRA government official in The Foreigner looks even more like Gerry Adams than Gerry Adams

When Pierce Brosnan was snapped filming scenes for his new movie in London in January last year, the world did a double take as he so closely resembled Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams.

In The Foreigner, the former 007 star plays Liam Hennessy, an IRA man turned government minister who is responsible for the murder of the daughter of a Chinese restaurant owner played by Jackie Chan.

Chan sets out for revenge, Taken-style, in the film, which is based on Stephen Leather's novel The Chinaman and is directed by Martin Campbell (who previously worked with Brosnan on Goldeneye in 1995).

When the set photos emerged, Adams (68) tweeted, "I never knew Pierce Brosnan was so good looking".

He told the Argus that he he knew nothing about the film until the photos started circulating on social media.

"It's a bit of craic, a bit of fun, that's all and I'm getting a lot of slagging about it," he said at the time.  And he must be getting even more flack in recent weeks as the first official poster (above) has been doing the rounds.

In it, Navan actor Brosnan (64) looks even MORE like Adams.

However, Adams denies ever having been a member of the IRA so any similarities are purely visual.

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