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VIDEO: The Cured - Official Trailer: 'Irish horror full of good ideas shot in north central Dublin'

What would an Irish zombie look like? Would they be chattier than the other undead and wink winningly before sinking their teeth into your throat?

David Freyne’s The Cured confronts these burning questions as we witness a zombie outbreak in Dublin. Or rather, the aftermath of an outbreak, because Freyne’s film cleverly begins as the country is recovering from a crisis that turned half the population into bloodthirsty shufflers.

An antidote has cured some of these predators, but no one knows quite what to do with them. A compromise arrangement has allowed some of ‘the cured’ to return to normal life under supervision, but Conor (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor) is not satisfied and mounts a terror campaign. His friend Senan (Sam Keeley) is haunted by the part that he played in his brother’s death and can’t bring himself to tell his sister-in-law Abbie (Ellen Page).

Freyne’s film is full of good ideas shot in and around north central Dublin. It just about gets away with evoking a zombie plague on a small budget and Vaughan-Lawlor lends the movie a certain Shakespearean grandeur, playing a man whose thwarted sense of entitlement is toxic to all around him.

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