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VIDEO: The Christmas 'ad' everyone is talking about

A British teenager who tricked the world by posting a video claiming to be John Lewis’ annual Christmas ad has been offered a job at a top agency following its success.

Nick Jablonka, 17, created the video as part of his coursework for secondary school, and was shocked that his production went viral after viewers mistook it for the annual offering from the British department store.

UK PR firm W Communications reached out to Nick following the video’s international success, according to The Mirror.

A spokesperson for the agency said the video captured something that many brands around the world have failed to.

 “Advertising agencies are paid billions by brands to try and replicate exactly what Nick, aged 17, has managed to do with his fake John Lewis ad,” the spokesperson told the publication.

"It was a no brainer to create a bespoke role for him within our digital content team! We spoke to Nick this morning, who told us the last 24 hours has been 'absolutely crazy'.

"He was both excited and overwhelmed by our proposition and we are arranging a meeting for later in the week. We look for people from all walks of life, all backgrounds, all ages and all levels of education. These are attributes Nick clearly possesses.

"Nick understands our offer is open to him either now or when he finishes university.”

The animated video, created in the same style as previous John Lewis ads pulled viewers in with a narrative about a snowman trapped in a globe during the Christmas season.

The 75 second clip was a hit with viewers, many who admitted the video was a better offering than last year’s John Lewis ad, ‘Man on the Moon’ which many felt left them a bit too teary-eyed.

The UK student’s video pulled at heartstrings as the snowman begins to relive his good memories with a snowwoman, to help him get through his solitary Christmas alone.

“I had no idea it would get this big,” said Nick speaking to Good Morning Britain.

“I uploaded it to Youtube with the submission title ‘John Lewis advert, November 2016’ and then I left it for a while and after that it just went crazy.”

Video courtesy of @atnickjablonka.

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