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VIDEO: Thank you George Byrne - we are all still smiling

George Byrne's friends Tom Dunne (Today FM), Paul Whitington (Irish Independent), Ian O'Doherty(Irish Independent), and Paul Cleary (The Blades) pay tribute

A poignant part of the videos shows Tom Dunne telling a story of he and George in a car when Tom was going through a rough period.

Tom says -  'There was one period in my life where my marriage was breaking up and George was concerned for me.

I was dropping him home one night and we were in the car and he kind of looked at me to see was I alright.

Men don't ask themselves those questions so . . . He said to me Tom if you want to come in I have some videos from 'Match of the day' in the 70's if you want to come in.

 To this day I can't think of a more kind gesture one man could make to another'

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