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VIDEO: Irish fans blag their way into UFC 205 all-access... for free!

Many Irish fans could only dream of being at Madison Square Garden to watch Conor McGregor make UFC history by becoming the first person to hold two world title belts at the same time.

But two Irish lads managed to live out that fantasy... for free.

Shane Gillen, from Sligo and Kymann Power, from Westmeath, were the country's biggest chancers on Sunday night as they gained access to the New York stadium without paying for a ticket.

They told Independent.ie how they managed to pull the stunt off.

"The day before the fight, Kymann hung around Madison Square Garden with his long lens camera. He saw media folk go in and out for the weigh-ins and managed to capture some pretty detailed images of their credentials on lanyards around their necks," explained Shane.

"He then took to Photoshop and made his own [passes], guessing the colours and size as best he could. He printed and laminated them. We then just had to print our names on white stickers and stick them on the outside of the pass, the same way as the real ones had. We had just finished printing about 20 minutes before arriving to the venue.

"Honestly, we didn't think it was going to work. We knew that it was safe to assume that the people who already had these passes must have already gone through a thorough accreditation check prior to the weigh-ins," he said.

Shane explained that the security personnel escorted them through the media entrance, believing that their passes were legitimate.

"Security directed us around to the media entrance, and when we walked in we pretended we were late and were in a rush. They sort of took us at our word after seeing our passes and ushered us on through! Once inside, we just played it cool.

"Ultimately, we were just there to enjoy the atmosphere and the fight and chance our arm. It was all about just being brazen and confident to every security member. We had access to the press room where we watched most of the fights with press members.

"Kymann has live feeds of that on his Facebook page. We split up to watch the McGregor fight, but we were each really close to the Octagon.

"We then returned to the press room where we were brought down to the post fight press conference. We sat in the third row because we got there so early after the fight. We tried to ask questions too! Not sure if we'd do it again, it was a total spur of the moment thing, but yes, we probably would to be honest! The thrill of the whole thing was well worth it."

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