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Three-year-old orders €30 worth of McDonald's chips from parent's phone

Ballyfermot boy Harry Keogh even managed to leave a tip for the services.

"I was going about doing my usual few bits while Harry was watching his videos on Youtube, using his daddy’s old phone (hence the broken screen)." Harry's mother Ashley told Independent.ie.

Ashley heard a knock on her apartment door, where she found a large order of Mcdonald's chips and a delivery man.

Ashley insisted that the order wasn't for her, but the delivery man was able to confirm that it had been ordered under Harry's father's name, at the same address.

"When I opened the bag and seen 9 chips I knew something fishy was up.

"It was just then Harry screamed 'yay yummies' and ran to the table."

Ashley checked the phone, realising the food had been ordered to their address by her three-year-old son Harry, who even managed to leave a tip.

"He’s very generous like that!" Ashley said.

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