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Mother can't hold back joy after son returns home for surprise Christmas visit

Steven Curtis had not seen his family for a year and a half. When he pays his family a surprise visit, his mother's reaction is priceless.

This is the heartwarming moment a mother can't hold back her joy, as her son – who she thought was travelling elsewhere – surprises her with a visit for Christmas.

Steven Curtis' sister-in-law recorded the footage of the special moment.

"I surprised my parents and sister at my brother's house in Fairfield, Connecticut. They flew to Connecticut from Dublin for the Christmas holidays, visiting my brother and sister-in-law," Steven told Independent.ie.

Steven began his travels almost a year and a half ago, and hadn't seen his mother since then.

"I left Ireland October 2018 to travel, that was the last time I saw my parents," he continued.

"My brother and sister-in law-flew me out from New Zealand. All credit goes to them for making it happen. We are all elated.... It's really made it feel like Christmas."

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