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Moment wedding singer's powerful rendition of Nessun Dorma brings grandmother to tears

One woman couldn't help but embrace the singer, as he moved audience members to tears during a wedding in Belfast.

Singer Conor Taggart's powerful voice had a particularly powerful affect over grandmother May, who who couldn't help but move right up close to him as he performed Nessun Dorma.

"When I was 10 years old I managed to get a free ticket to go and see Andrea Bocelli live and first heard Nessun Dorma, I immediately felt the emotion of the song and fell in love with it. I made it my goal to learn it and one day to try and sing it." Said Conor.

"This took a lot of practice but eventually, I got there and adore singing it, although it is still incredibly nerve wrecking!"

Conor was part of an interactive surprise show in which an undercover waiter serves guests, before knocking over a chair, dropping cutlery and bursting into song.

The video shows an incredible moment between Conor and May, who can be seen revelling in his performance of the opera song.

" I will remember the moment for a lifetime, to see someone connect with me so much over a piece of music was very moving and emotional for me and I think for everyone in that room."

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