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Irish Youtuber plays VR horror games for 24 hours straight in bizarre experiment

Irish Youtuber Dara Tah had never played virtual reality games before, but decided, as part of a bizarre experimental challenge, to have his first go playing for 24 hours straight.

Although playing for more than a few minutes at a time is not recommended, Dara was determined to attempt the challenge.

"I had read some stories of other people spending a lot of time in VR, but I wanted to throw myself into 24 hours of straight horror games to see if I could make it through such a nightmare, and test how my brain responds to such an intense experience. I thought of it as the ultimate haunted house attraction." Dara wrote.

The experience was documented and filmed by his girlfriend, who would feed him food throughout so he wouldn't have to remove the headset.

The video shows him going through some intense moments, as he immerses himself within the horror VR experience. After the headset is removed at the end of the video, Dara can be seen looking a little worse for wear.

"After successfully being in the headset for 24 hours I came out and had a whole different appreciation for reality, it was like reality had the best graphics I had ever seen!

"Some odd things that stuck with me for 3-4 days after the event was how I would periodically feel like I was back in the headset and feel like my head was sliding forward from my body."

"One other thing I noticed was how that dread that you have in a horror game to look around a corner bled into real life. I found for a few days later I was still preparing myself to see any kind of unimaginable nightmare creature around every corner.

"I had been conditioned to expect horrible creatures around each corner!"

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