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Irish musician Robert Grace has turned a viral TikTok frog sound into a catchy tune

Irish musician Robert Grace turns a frog into TikTok sensation

The Kilkenny singer-songwriter has risen to fame on the video-sharing app, amassing an impressive 1.2million followers, and has released a song from one of his viral clips.

TikTok users have been remixing the frog sound in many different ways, but Robert gave it a catchy twist leading to him gaining six million views on the short video.

The musician said he originally just did it for a bit of fun but after receiving an abundance of requests to release it as a song he did just that last Thursday.

"It went mental so we decided on Monday to release it and then we released it on Thursday,” he told Independent.ie.

"I just saw people using that frog sound and playing music over it or something like that, thats how I got the idea.

"So I thought I could make something cool because no one had done it the way I had yet so I took advantage of coming at it from a new direction.”

Robert said it only took him two hours to put the video together, and couldn’t believe the positive reaction as he was just having a bit of fun.

“It was mad, it was just one of those things that happened. I didn’t know if it was good, I thought it was kind of cool alright but I didn’t expect to get the reaction that it got,” he said.

The song is called No Hope (The Frog Song) and can be streamed on iTunes and Spotify. The musician has used TikTok to his advantage, and since only beginning to upload videos last May bagged himself a record deal with Sony Music.

In August his single Fake Fine entered the Irish charts and has amassed over eight million streams on Spotify.

The song speaks for how many people are feeling throughout the pandemic and references things that were popular through lockdown like Carol Baskin from Tiger King.

The Kilkenny singer said unlike many others he’s been really lucky this past year, and that TikTok gave him a routine and a place to unleash his creativity.

e"I properly started using (TikTok) at the start of May last year, that’s when I started taking it seriously and uploading regularly and luckily things went well,” he said.

"I started it to keep to a bit of a routine. I would get up every day and do a TikTok.

"When I started it would take me four or five hours to do one video at the start, I don’t have the luxury of that time so usually what I do now is fairly quick.

“I was lucky that it went well for me, it definitely was something that kept me going through lockdown and then I built my way up.

“I think I was one of the lucky ones... I actually had a pretty good lockdown I suppose.”

Listen to the full track here : https://robertgrace.lnk.to/NoHope

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