Thursday 22 August 2019

Inside Ireland's Largest Newsroom: U2's Dublin

Video: U2's Dublin. We revisit the Dublin that refined and sculpted a northside garage band that went on to be the biggest in the world. Many of the buildings within the U2 story are gone - how much you think Dublin has changed, and why?

Regarded by some as the makers of irrelevant, bloated rock and roundly ridiculed over 'selling out' to Apple, this tour is regarded as something as a return to form. We look at the hometown gigs - and albums - that created the legend.

Come behind the scenes at Ireland's number one newspaper and watch as we make Saturday's Irish Independent.

Plus - We look at the unfathomable crime of child sex abuse and mothers who turn a blind eye to their children. We will also be examining the sale of Avoca to an American company Aramark.

In Weekend we kick off our mindfulness campaign and focus on tips on how to make you happy, plus it's our Travel Special with top 30 Winter Sun breaks.

In Sport, it's a big weekend for soccer and Daniel McDonald and Stephen Reid will be covering the fallout of the match. We also have an exclusive interview with Munster's Francis Saili.

Saturday's Irish Independent. It's Your Weekend.

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