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ARCHIVE VIDEO: Moment a pair of Orca swim inches past terrified kids swimming close to shore

This footage shows two children swimming frantically to shore as a pair of killer whales swam straight towards them.

In the video, recorded by Brett Thom on Enclosure Bay, Waiheke island, New Zealand, the children can be heard screaming for help while bystanders tell them to 'stay still' and 'not to panic.'

Independent.ie asked Brett if he thought the kids were in any danger; "No Orcas are fine. I have been out in the kayak many times with them around. It's always exciting, but they pretty much ignore you."

The scary encounter has divided opinion with some commenter's suggesting they were 'lucky to escape', while others laughed it off to say 'it was an experience of a lifetime'.

One internet user Vera Smith wrote: "They are orcas. Not interested in people."

Another, by the name of Nassey Pohatu, wrote: "Amazing!. Them Orcas could never hurt them."

"Wow!," Bevan Sandison wrote, "Would have been brown water if that was me, given how Orca smash seals about the size of kids."

"A little scary but awesome to be part of it," a Paul Williams wrote.

Watch the video and judge for yourself.

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