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Archive April fools: 'Leek under the sink' prank on Dublin dad goes viral

Dublin woman's 'leek under the sink' prank gets priceless reaction from her father.

Blanchardstown woman Brenda Molloy Rothwell's prank on her father has stormed social media, with over 2.3 million views on the original Facebook post.

In the video Brenda can be seen placing a leek (the vegetable) under a sink, before calling for her father to fix the 'leak'.

Her father, Robert Molloy, is less than happy with the news, and although it takes him a while to figure out what's going on, his reaction is priceless.

"He was caught out lovely. He tried to pretend to be annoyed and then just started laughing." Brenda said.

Originally Robert was unaware the video had been posted online, and he found himself being noticed in public. That's when Brenda had to let him know.

"People were laughing at him and he asked me: 'Are they laughing at me!' I said 'no, why would they be?' so I had to tell him!"

"Since the video went viral everyone has been texting and ringing me; my dad has been stopped in shops to ask for pictures –classed as the leak man!

"I’ve had messages from all over the world; England, America, Canada etc... and everyone has seen it.

"He has seen the funny side of it now. He is a real family dad; does everything for us – his reaction says it all."

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