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Endangered beluga whales given special ‘halo’ habitat world-first sanctuary

A specially designed floating habitat has been created as an additional step to support two beluga whales’ return to their open water sea sanctuary home in Iceland. It arrived at a remote island following a 16-hour journey by tugboat. Measuring 50 meters in diameter and weighing almost 17 tonnes, the Intermediate Habitat, is a significant milestone in the future of the mammals - Little Grey and Little White - who are one step closer to returning to their sea sanctuary after the next phase of construction is completed. The whales are part of a pioneering welfare programme, created by the SEA LIFE Trust, to help introduce the whales gradually into their much larger sanctuary home over time. The Intermediate Habitat is designed to have a net which reaches to the seabed, allowing Little Grey and Little White access to the sea floor to explore the fauna and flora.

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