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Dublin TikTokers with Nigerian heritage do hilarious take on accent challenge

Four young Dubliners, with Nigerian heritage, surprise social media users by 'attempting' to speak Dublin slang.

The challenge usually consists of someone attempting slang they're not familiar with from other countries – mostly on the social media platform TikTok.

20-year-old Dubliner Tolu Ibikunle, her friends Susan, Tejiri and Okefe decided to take the challenge under the guise of having a strong Nigerian accent; leaving viewers shocked when their real Dublin accents are revealed.

The video shows the four "attempting" to speak phrases commonly heard from people from Dublin, such as: "G'wan you mad thing!"

"We wanted to make it (the challenge) a bit different by using the two accents that we have, which is Nigerian and Irish." Tolu told Independent.ie.

"I was born in Nigeria and my parents are from there, but I moved to Ireland when I was a year old. The other girls were all born here, and their parents are Nigerian."

The video gained almost 150k views on TikTok, with social media users finding the clip hilarious.

"The people got a good laugh out of it. Just happy to know that we were able to put a smile on people’s faces!"

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