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Dublin street tour shows capital from eyes of those affected by homelessness

Secret Street Tours has been providing a look at Dublin City through the eyes of someone affected by homelessness.

A unique tour has been launched which gives participants the chance to see Dublin from the point of view of homeless people.

Secret Street Tours is social enterprise and that gives "people who are on the streets a platform to tell their story".

That's according to Shane Howell who spent seven years on the streets of capital. He told Independent.ie that the tour shows attendees a "different side of Dublin".

"They incorporate the history and the homelessness together and give people a proper insight into the other side of Dublin," he said.

Mr Howell first became homeless in 2011 while he battled alcohol and substance abuse issues. As part of his guided tours, he shares "how I got through that and where I am today".

"There's a story behind everyone. I've met the best of people on the streets that had mortgages and just slipped through the cracks. What I'm trying to say is it can happen to anyone," he added.

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