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Dublin barber jokes about operating a repair shop as more Covid-19 restrictions lifted

A Dublin barber has joked that he will be operating as a repair shop when he finally gets back to cutting hair after lockdown.

John O’Loughlin, who has worked in Tallaght for 35 years, said some of DIY hairdressing efforts he has seen during lockdown have been incredibly bad.

A father’s attempt to give his son a Mohican was probably the most shocking sight of the lot, said the well-known local barber.

Hairdressers across Ireland are being inundated with booking requests since the Government announced that their reopening date had been moved forward to June 29.

“Not only have I heard stories but you get sent all the photographs too,” Mr O’Loughlin said the amateur hatchet jobs.

“Children send you photographs of what their fathers have done to them cutting their hair, it’s just incredible.

“And then some husbands are sending my photographs of what their wives have done.

“It’s going to be a repair shop for the first few weeks I think

“One little fella he asked his dad for a Mohican. I’d show you photographs but it just wouldn’t be fair on the young lad.”

Mr O’Loughlin, who owns Tallaght Traditional Barber Shop, said he lockdown was a tough experience.

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