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Dr Mike Ryan's frightening warning to humanity goes viral on Twitter

At an event, in which he received the Trócaire Romero Award, WHO's Dr Mike Ryan issued a frightening warning of a future where a pandemic would be much more fatal, due to the 'chasing of economic growth'.

"We are creating the conditions in which epidemics flourish", Dr Mike Ryan said.

"We're pushing nature to its limit. We're pushing population to its limit. We're pushing communities to its limits.

"My fear is that our children are going to pay that price. That some day when we're not here our children will wake up in a world where there is a pandemic that has a much higher case fatality rate, that could bring our civilisation down to its very knees."

The clip was originally shared on Trocaire's Twitter page and has been viewed over 1.3 million times.; Greta Thunberg among those that shared the video

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