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Disney 'Enchanted' sequel blasted in Dáil by Richard Boyd Barrett over Irish performers' conditions

TD Richard Boyd Barrett says the Disney movie currently being filmed in Ireland should be called Disenchanted, instead of Enchanted, despite realising that is actually the film's name.

The Disney film Disenchanted is currently being filmed in Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow and is the sequel to the 2007 film Enchanted.

The comment came in a blast over Irish performers conditions in the Dail.

Mr Barrett said: “Recently we’ve had reports, a good news reports story about the Disney production Enchanted. However, other reports suggest the film might be more accurately called Disenchanted when it comes to some of those who are actually on it”.

The Solidarity People Before Profit TD said there are suggestions that many of the performers are being paid less and being denied royalties for their work on the Disney film.

He compared the conditions in Ireland to performer’s conditions in the UK and around the world.

Mr Barrett said stage crew from the Irish Film Workers Association who worked on the first film “Enchanted” were picketing outside Disney because they were “blackballed by the Irish producer company who has received tens of tens of millions of Irish tax payers money but are not employed on the subsequent film because essentially they raised questions about their lack of security of employment ”.

Taoiseach Michael Martin replied and said although he “doesn’t have the specifics” of the conditions, there “may be an alternative view to the one you have articulated – quite a number of times you do make observations that others who don’t have a change to defend themselves or chance to respond”.

The Taoiseach added that “All the regulatory paying conditions should be adhered to, and “All of the basic conditions that the state insists on should be adhered to”.

“There’s no excuses for productions of this kind for workers, artists or dancers to be left short changed”, he said.

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