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Clare hurley maker leading way for more sustainable bamboo alternative

Could the 'clash of the Ash' be a fading sound? Well one well-known hurley maker is looking ahead, and has created what he says is a more durable and sustainable hurley.

Although the Torpey business has been making Ash hurleys for the last 40 years, and continue to do so, in 2014 Sean Torpey decided it was time to start looking for alternative method of hurley making.

Ash dieback is a disease that has been affecting Ash trees for the last ten years and is among one of the reasons Sean decided to look into Bamboo.

"We only use the bottom one-and-half meters of the Ash tree for the Ash hurley." Sean told Independent.ie.

"You can cut down an Ash tree when it's between 30-40 years old.

"With Bamboo, it grows at five meters per year and can be harvested after five years.

"The Bamboo hurley is actually carbon negative once it reaches the player's hands."

Since the release of Torpey's Bambú range in July 2020, many senior inter-county players have used the new type of hurley in big games.

"If you take the Munster Championship two weeks ago, of the four teams that played, 15 of the players used a Bambú hurley." Sean said.

While the quality of each Ash hurley is dependent on each individual tree, Sean says the Bambú hurleys are consistent across every size. So, if you're an aspiring hurler, having a Bambú hurley could bring you closer to playing like your hero.

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