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Civilian bodies line Donetsk, as 'horror and terror' arrive in Kyiv

Warning: Viewers may find these images distressing. Civilian bodies line the streets of Donetsk, as Russia initiates attacks on residential parts of Kyiv.

At least two civilians were killed as Russian forces targeted an apartment in the capital Kyiv, the country's State Emergency Service said on Monday. Artillery hit a nine-story apartment building in the Obolonsky district, northern Kyiv, causing a fire in the building.

Rescue teams saved 63 people from the building while reaching the remains of two civilians, the emergency service have said.

"That is a real genocide in the middle of Europe, and 21st century," Ukrainian Parliament Member Oleksii Honcharenko told the journalists outside the apartment in Kyiv that was hit by Russia on Monday.

"We are just asking the free world because our fight is not just for ourselves, but the whole world. We are just asking for help to protect our skies, to stop this terror and horror," he said.

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