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Chaotic scenes as Bristol protests against police turn violent in UK

Scenes marred a ‘Kill the Bill’ protest in Bristol and saw a police station attacked, officers injured and a van set alight.

Violent scenes which marred a “Kill the Bill” protest in Bristol that saw a police station attacked, officers injured and vehicles set alight have been widely condemned.

What started as a non-violent demonstration on Sunday afternoon turned violent after hundreds of protesters descended on the police station.

Two police officers were injured, suffering broken ribs and an arm, and taken to hospital during violent skirmishes with rioters.

Rioters smashed the windows of the police station and also destroyed Avon and Somerset Police vehicles parked nearby, setting fire to a car and a van.

Cars parked in a multi-storey car park adjacent to the police station were also damaged by protesters.

Avon and Somerset Police said its officers had missiles and fireworks thrown at them and used mounted officers and dogs to disperse the mob.

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