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CCTV shows burglars kicking in door of Dublin restaurant

A popular Dublin restaurant has had to close its doors after two brazen burglars smashed their way in on Thursday morning and trashed the place before robbing them of hundreds of euro.

The Sunday World has learned that it was part of a shocking crime spree that ended at a nearby pub before the two men went their separate ways.

Kakilang on Bachelor’s Walk was due to open for business again yesterday and today after a pandemic-hit 2021, but instead the owner Winson told sundayworld.com: “I am standing here wondering when we will be back open.

“Myself and Sam own the place but we have had to tell the staff not to come in.

"I am now here wondering will we even get a door the right size to fit. It is the worst time of year to be calling around looking for help.

“Everyone is trying to enjoy their holidays. Luckily the contractor is a family friend is trying his best to source a door right now. Fingers crossed.”

Winson said, he has been told, the thieves targeted a pub after his restaurant.

“I'm still shocked that it happened at 7.30am this morning. As people walked by and went to work.

"But we got really lucky. The thieves went around the corner and tried to rob a pub. Apparently the footage is much better from their cameras so hopefully the Gardai will catch them.

“We were broken into a few months back and we kept a low profile. So myself and Sam decided this time we would put it out there and show people the reality of running a business these days.

“We have had a lot of antisocial behaviour on Bachelor’s Walk in recent years. Lots of teenagers hang out around us here and can cause problems.”

Winson took to social media to tell his followers about the ordeal and even shared the video to highlight the problems he and his fellow business owners are suffering in Dublin’s city centre.

In his emotional post Sam said: “Although many of you would know us by now that the entire Kakilang team are very joyful, passionate and energetic at work no matter what we are facing we smile our way through and offer the best for all our customers, but this time we simply cannot accept this anymore, it’s very frustrating for us all,

"We have already took the beating by the pandemic and now this? We are devastated.

“As business owner ourselves, now have to put up with unnecessary costs to fix the damages for the second time this year and the entire team has to suffer the consequences of not being able to work and any customers who planned on visiting will be disappointed, because business could not resume running until things are fixed and that is safe for our customer to visit.

“We are thankful no one is hurt The #garda are investigating and we were amazed how quickly they arrived to our premises shortly after the 2 men left.

“The reason we decided to share this incident in details is to express our thoughts and really hope we could raise awareness of our safety on bachelors walk, so that no other business have to go through what we have to.

“So, it happened today, at 7:30am as you can see in the video 2 men forced their way in by kicking the door until the locks break, immediately went behind the counter broke the cash till and made a huge mess. Garda arrived 15mins later and shortly after we arrived as well.

“Fingers crossed, 2022 be good to us”

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