Tuesday 21 November 2017

Behind the Scenes in Ireland's Largest Newsroom: Your Online Privacy, Under Threat

Every click you make online can be harvested to build up a personal digital profile for use by snoops, governments and big businesses. Can this week's European court rein in such scary mass surveillance?

Come behind the scenes at the Irish Independent as our journalists talk about making the content you read every Saturday as our Technology Editor Adrian Wreckler reports.

Plus; the last Saturday edition in the week before the Budget, we cover the frenzy caused by Enda Kenny's decision on an election date.

Shane Phelan examines the controversy surrounding the Longboat Quay Apartments and asks why developer Bernard McNamara has not engaged with the residents.

In Weekend, we have an Italian Special with homemade pastas, delicious desserts and the best in Italian wines – plus Ireland’s 30 best Italian restaurants.

In Sport, have Ireland lost their je ne sais quoi? Find out as Vincent Hogan covers the big game.

Plus there's a free rugby ball at Mace for every reader.

Saturday's Irish Independent. It's Your Weekend.

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