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ARCHIVE VIDEO: 'People love to come here' - Paddy Cosgrave praises Dublin but not as a potential future home for the Web Summit

Cosgrave was happy to talk about potential future homes for the Web Summit, none of which include Ireland.

He spoke against the backdrop of Valencia reportedly offering a package valued at €18m per year to host it there in future.

“Our home is Lisbon and that may remain far into the future,” he said. “But we’re taking our time to consider what Germany and France and Italy and Spain and the British have to offer, along with the Portugueses. It’s true that in Valencia, the local govt there have offered a package of €17.6m a year. The full package will include the federal government of Spain itself. But there are three cities [we’re looking at] in Spain. So until we shortlist one of those three cities, the actual government of Spain will not yet become involved.”

Nevertheless, he said, ”the total figure will probably be twice what Ireland willing to to pay to host the Rugby World Cup”.

This obviously leaves Ireland out of the running. Not that it was ever in the running to host the Web Summit again, which now has around 60,000 attendees, making it far too big for any Irish conferencing venue.


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