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ARCHIVE: Medical student reveals how she makes £5,000 (€5,600) a month selling pictures of her feet online

A medical student is putting her best foot forward and financing her studies by raking in nearly £5,000 (€5,600) a month – or £58,000 a year – selling pictures online of her feet. But self-confessed foot fetishist, Sweet Arches, 28, who also works in a hospital theatre, warns against seeing fancy foot work as a way to make a quick buck – stressing that she devotes six to 10 hours a day to her sideline and that “aesthetically pleasing feet” like her own are essential. With an army of 105,000 fans viewing pictures of her perfectly pampered tootsies on Instagram, she also gets between 50 and 100 messages a day through an OnlyFans account, from people asking her to do everything from kiss or lick her toes to crushing ants between them. Sweet Arches (her professional name) of Portland, Oregon, USA, who says the $6,000 (£4,860) a month from her fetish pictures is paying for her degree, explained: “Some people like the soles of the feet, some like the toes, some like to see them in different positions. “People like to watch me crush things, like raspberries, grapes or cakes with my toes. I’ve actually had someone ask me to squish ants, but that’s a no no for me. Anything that’s living, I won’t do that! “Some fans like ‘self-foot worship,’ where I play with my feet on camera. Others ask me to suck, kiss or lick my toes, or ask for me to send them worn boots or shoes.”

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