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ARCHIVE: Groom surprises wife by singing her up the aisle at socially distant wedding

The groom found it hard to hold back his emotions as he met his bride-to-be at the altar.

Tyrone couple Dominic and Zoë Douglas had booked their wedding years ago, but would have to rearrange plans twice this year to accommodate for Covid-19 setbacks and restrictions.

The video shows music teacher Dominic give an emotional vocal performance for his wife. The music-loving couple would later surprise their congregation by performing a beautiful duet together.

Their wedding was originally scheduled to take place in Derry on New Year's Eve 2020. Due to their original venue not being able to host the couple's wedding, Zoe and Dominic moved their wedding location from Derry to Sligo in September.

Late news of restrictions in December would require the couple to change date.

"We got straight on the ball after some tears, and got the wedding reorganised in four days and got married on the 22nd of December." Dominic said.

The socially-distant wedding would take place in Omagh, Co Tyrone.

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