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Adorable moment 100-year-old grandmother was serenaded by Dwayne Johnson

Grandmom Grover is overjoyed as she receives a voice message from actor, The Rock, during her birthday celebrations.

Footage of a grandmother ecstatically reacting to a video message from the Rock has gone viral on Twitter. The heartwarming moment shows her watching a personalised video message from Dwayne Johnson, as he sings happy birthday to her. 

Grover, wearing a "100 & Fabulous" sash, then shouts into the screen "Love you right back, you Rock you!"

A friend if Grover's family, Jamie Klingler, managed to set the moment up, after pursuing Johnson's publicist. Jamie had known of Grandmom Grover's fascination with the actor for some time.

“She’s loved him since 1994. She’d be like, ‘He’s so handsome,’ and we’d watch a movie and it wouldn’t be very good, and she’d be like, ‘It’d be much better if they put ‘The Rock’ in it," Klingler told Phillymag.com.

“Her daughter (Grover's) said she’s loving the attention and has been so perked up and having a blast and just can’t stop laughing...

“We’re so touched by (Johnson’s) generosity and how sweet it was. It really has been an incredible week for her.”

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