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200,000 people to get their jobs back in May, Varadkar tells Dáil

Next month could see as many as 15,000 businesses re-open and 200,000 people being offered their jobs back, the Tánaiste has predicted.

Leo Varadkar also told the Dáil he expects a boom in consumer spending because of pent-up demand.

The Tánaiste said: “I can confirm that the PUP, the wage subsidy scheme, the weekly CRSS payment and the rates holiday will remain in place until the end of June.”

But he warned: “We need to be honest in this House. This is all borrowed money. This is not money that we generated ourselves through our labour, or through our taxes.

“This is money borrowed from banks, from bondholders, and the ECB — and it will have to be refinanced. We need to be honest about that.”

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