Thursday 17 October 2019

EXQUISITE mobility

Margaret Carragher

Attention bon vivant: thanks to an innovative product just launched by Oceanico, property investors can travel the world, stay in luxury villas, play golf and sail in premier locations and be chauffeured around by executive limo -- all courtesy of Prestige Concierge!

Oceanico Fractional Prestige is a lifestyle product aimed at those seeking high-end property without having to commit all their capital or leisure time to one place.

Prestige Fractional provides owners with a share of a freehold, luxury villa and membership of the Oceanico Prestige Residence Club.

This allows owners to stay as often as they wish at their 'Home Club' or at many other Prestige Residence Clubs around the world.

The villas simply ooze opulence: designer kitchens, whirlpool baths, and home intelligence systems to rival Einstein. Clever or what?

For further information call 01 617 7967 or visit

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