Saturday 20 July 2019

Beat the postcode blues in Lisbon

John O'Keeffe

I'm quite sure tourists must think we're off our bin when they hear us get excited when someone mentions "D4". It's not as if this Dublin postcode saves lives or anything like that. I mean, it's just a place -- isn't it? The thing is, it's more than that. Having D4 at the end of your address marks you out as someone who has arrived -- the chosen one. God may not be too concerned on judgment day what your postcode was (I think), but for now, at least, you will be king of the heap.

For those of us who find that D4 is out of our grasp, Prunty's Overseas' latest offering in Lisbon may just be the perfect antidote to banish those postcode blues. You see, the residential development of Villagio Manique is situated only 25km from Lisbon, nestled next to the stunning coastal towns of Cascais and Estoril, which is soooo the Dublin 4 of Lisbon.

It's a unique setting next to a picturesque traditional fishing town that was once the holiday resort of the kings and aristocracy of Portugal and Europe. Ballsbridge eat your heart out.

In fact, this could be D4 squared. Villagio Manique is a gated community with elegant landscaped gardens designed in a contemporary style, emphasising privacy, freedom, security and comfort. This privileged condominium offers 146 apartments and houses, 15,000sqm of green spaces, a swimming pool, tennis court, well being centre with sauna and Turkish bath, gym, sports grounds, children's play area and a meeting room with bar.

Prunty's Overseas Properties now have a variety of fully furnished three- and four-bed apartments and houses for sale with a unique investment package for clients. The properties will come fully furnished and the complex is now complete and ready to move into.

Now, I always love the mortgage deals because, of course, people like me have no money, so listen up.

There are 90pc mortgages available in Portugal with five years interest-only repayments, and the best part is that the first two years mortgage repayments are paid by the developer. But it gets better. There is a rental management company in place to rent out the apartments on a weekly basis, and they are currently achieving a rental income in the region of 4.5pc for current property owners. That means owners can benefit from a rental income during the first two years without having to repay any mortgage.

Whatever way you look at it, 'Lisbon 4' may now be the only game in town.

For further information contact Prunty's in Dublin on 01 498 3733 or Cork 021 432 1620 or visit

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