Thursday 19 September 2019

Quotes of the Week

"He has a great sense of community about him." Noel Keyes, Ashford Development Association on Seamus Heaney, who donated a handwritten draft of a poem that raised ?27,000 for the Association.

"In particular paracetamol, ibuprofen or aspirin are common causes of accidental poisoning in children." Darragh O'Loughlin, Galway, at the annual meeting of the Irish Pharmaceutical Union which heard that 4,000 children are accidentally poisoned here each year.

"It wouldn't be possible now to treat people with an intellectual disability as badly as some did then and get away with it. But in terms of public policy, well it now looks to be a reality that people with an intellectual disability in residential centres are going to be charged as much as those in nursing homes. I cannot see the moral justification for that." Fergus Finlay, chairman of Special Olympics Ireland, on the changes since the Special Olympics were held here in 2003.

"I can't stay long, I can't stay long. I'm ringing from my cell." John Daly, the prisoner who rang RTE's Liveline.

"This is not the first phone call to be made from Portlaoise Prison . . . This, combined with a number of other things . . . leaves me with very serious questions to be answered about the way in which the prison service is being run." Justice Minister Michael McDowell.

"A prisoner will not readily hand over a phone or drugs and officers who try to take them are regularly bitten, threatened, spat at or assaulted. A prisoner with drugs, if he is an addict, will fight viciously to keep them." Gabriel Keaveny, president of the Irish Prison Officers Association.

"We have a job to do to complete the true social order our Constitution sets out as our shared ambition as a people. Tackling educational disadvantage, ending the waste of marginalisation, these are destinations we want to get to and quickly." President Mary McAleese.

"We are almost unique in being an unarmed force . . . When you step up a gear, is it not automatic that the public steps up a gear?" Noel Conroy, Garda Commissioner, rejecting a recommendation from the Garda Inspectorate that members be equipped with pepper spray.

"Unexpected delays in implementing the new local diversions and driver unfamiliarity with the diversion works led to severe congestion on the road network in the Clondalkin and Walkinstown areas." Frank Coffey, director of transportation with South Dublin County Council, explaining delays of up to four hours on the M50 which are predicted to happen again over the next six months.

"Ninety-five per cent of cases reported to the gardai fall out of the system prior to any adjudication by the courts. The result is that we in Ireland have the highest rate of attrition in rape cases compared to 20 of our European neighbours." Rape Crisis Network of Ireland report.

"The celebrity thing is completely crazy. I think I just have to move away or give it up altogether. I'm just not so hungry anymore. I made a decision very recently that I wanted a life instead." Actress Keira Knightley.

"I was brought up as a Labour voter and it was euphoric when they got into power. I didn't realise it wasn't New Labour at all - it was the Tories dressed in red." Noel Gallagher of Oasis.

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