Monday 16 September 2019

Dubs in the fast lane

Will Hanafin

POLITICIANS calling to your door are promising more change than an amusement arcade slot-machine, but we don't need them to move with the times.

Last week there were several disturbing reports about how fast life is changing.

For starters, forget that old Noel Purcell song about Dublin being heaven and being able to stroll down Stephen's Green. The footpaths of our nation's capital are more like an Olympic running track than a place to drag your feet. An international walking survey has bizarrely ranked the fastest pedestrians in a range of world cities - and Dubs are high up the list.

Dublin is the fifth fastest city in the world with the average resident covering 20 metres in 11.03 seconds. A similar study completed 10 years ago found that walkers were 10 per cent slower.

Scientists have linked our accelerated walking to stress and poor family connections.

"At one level, walking is good, but if it's a way of life then it goes with a whole load of other behaviours which are not quite so good for you," said Professor Richard Wiseman.

Another survey that makes me feel like a dinosaur reported that the use of cheque books has plummeted, and some supermarkets are considering banning them.

All is not lost though for those of us resistant to change. With the election coming up, maybe some politician will promise slow lanes on footpaths for chequebook users!

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