Monday 18 December 2017

People: I felt very let down by TV3, says Byrne

BROADCASTER Claire Byrne has told of her "disappointment" with her former employer TV3 after their recent spat in the High Court.

The station went to court to stop the news anchor broadcasting on the breakfast slot on NewsTalk 106FM, the Dublin radio station which went recently went national.

Byrne says that in September she was told by TV3 that she was given "a bit of leeway" in her aim to work for the radio station as soon as possible.

The 31-year-old says: "Then a couple of days later I was told not only would I have to work three months' notice, but I would also have to adhere to a three-month non-compete clause which would take me into February 2007.

"This was despite me having had a verbal assurance when I signed the contract (with NewsTalk) that it wouldn't be implemented unless I was going to work for RTE television.

"I was very disappointed at them, because we weren't in direct competition as far as I could see.

"So things just got out of hand and I found myself in the High Court with my employer, who I was reading the news for that afternoon.

"It was bizarre," Byrne says.

In the end the case was settled, with Byrne allowed to rejoin NewsTalk once she had worked out her notice, which she says was completed "with good grace from both sides".

She adds: "Even though it didn't go to trial, what I gleaned from the result was that TV3 weren't willing to defend that (non-complete) clause in court.

"And that was my ambition, really."

Dolores goes solo in new assault on US

CRANBERRIES are not on the menu this Christmas for Limerick warbler Dolores O'Riordan who has announced details of her debut solo album.

Despite hitting the headlines with tales of woe involving neighbours and a nanny, the former Cranberries frontwoman is now back on track and has signed an international record deal for her album, 'Are You Listening?'.

It will be released by Sanctuary Records in north America and Europe on May 8.

A single is due out in late April and O'Riordan will embark on a world tour to promote her solo career in the spring.

Sanctuary Records confirmed that it had signed "the multitalented" singer-songwriter for her first solo effort. Bob Cahill, of Sanctuary Records in America, said: "The voice is outstanding and instantly recognisable, the songs are memorable, and her impact indisputable. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to introduce her solo career with this brilliant piece of work."

The Cranberries were one of Ireland's most successful groups, selling more than 40 million albums worldwide. They were the first Irish band to crack America after U2, where their albums 'Everybody Else Is Doing It So Why Can't We' and 'No Need to Argue' were huge hits. The 35-year-old O'Riordan took a break from The Cranberries in 2004 and has since been working on solo material in Dublin with local musicians, including Graham Hopkins.

Coughlan hoping to hit high notes with his debut album

FOLLOWING in the footsteps of his former Havelock Square housemates, Paddy Casey and Gemma Hayes, musician Eoin Coughlan is set to release his long-awaited debut album next year.

Two songs from the album 'Blood in Vein' have already been snapped up to feature in the up-coming movie, 'Speed Dating'.

The Cork-born singer-songwriter, who spent many years honing his art in Dublin, has been a fixture on the traditional music scene and was previously the frontman of the internationally acclaimed Nomos.

However, his new offering is a far cry from the jigs 'n' reels, which he is famous for. Produced by the Dave Odlun, the pop/rock album features a huge supporting cast, including Damien Dempsey, Gemma Hayes, Ann Scott and Annette Buckley - almost like a who's who of the Irish singer-songwriter scene.

Eoin is reuniting with his old brother-in-arms Paddy Casey when he supports him in Dolans Warehouse in Limerick on Thursday night.

* COULD actor Jesse Metcalfe be planning to turn girlfriend Nadine Coyle into a (desperate) housewife?

It has been reported that the US star is planning to propose to the Girls Aloud singer in a bid to fix their strained transatlantic relationship.

The couple, who split briefly last month, have been trying to keep the romance alive despite the 'Desperate Wives' actor living in America and the pop star residing in Britain.

Metcalfe was spotted searching for engagement rings and then booked a surprise luxury break in Dubai.

A source close to the star said: "He wants to make it up to Nadine, so he's booked a five-star hotel and has made sure they can spend some quality time together - just the two of them."

Maybe organising a lavish wedding will bring this troubled couple together.

Baby surprise...Doyle to become dad for third time

SOME people hate surprises but it is lucky that TV presenter Craig Doyle isn't one of them as he has announced he is to become a dad for the third time.

Doyle and his wife, Doon, are expecting their new family member in June 2007.

"Doon is doing well, and we had been planning to have another baby, maybe not so soon. It's a surprise - and a good one," said Doyle.

The 36-year-old who shot to fame with the BBC's 'Holiday Show' and went on to present 'Test The Nation' is also father to Quin (4) and 22-month-old Muireann.

Doyle is to present 'Ireland's Rich List' on December 27 and will be hosting 'Test The Nation' on New Year's Day, both on RTE.

Doyle started his career in BBC radio news, where he became a producer.

His first stint in TV was presenting UTV's 'Disney Club'.

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