Saturday 21 April 2018

Marriage is now a la mode

CAROLINE Kennedy and Tom McGurk are tying the knot on Saturday. I'm opening a book on whether it will be Monsoon Wedding or My Big Fat Freak Wedding (that last means a sunny spell for the nuptials). Caroline is sister of designer Louise, so no prizes for guessing who's designing the dress. Bottle of Bollie, however, to whoever can guess who makes Tom's tux. Only joking.

Caroline and Tom will be closely followed by Georgina Ahern and Nicky from West-life, whose nuptials are to be held in Marseilles this summer. The whole of Ahern womanhood is maddeningly calm about the whole thing. Doesn't Georgina know that brides are supposed to be insane. But no, there they were, Miriam, Georgina and Cecilia, having a laugh at the Karen Millen fashion show.

The date (July 18) and location (Denmark) have been set for the marriage of Simon Stokes (son of Unicorn owner Jeff and Pia Bang) to Conac Breslin. Incidentally, Eddie Irvine is said to be in love again after singing about his singledom last week. No talk of nuptial madness - Eddie knows too well that One Flew Over the Cuckold's Nest. JO'C

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