Tuesday 17 September 2019

Collect your fabulous Irish Independent Travel Guides

Our unmissable travel guide series continues tomorrow with Book 9 in the collection, China.

The world's most populated country is a land of infinite variety and wild contradictions.

When you fly over it for the first time, pick a window seat to see the passing panorama of intensively cultivated plains, rice-growing wetlands, rugged mountains and empty deserts. You'll also spot shining skyscrapers surging out of new cities whose very existence would have been unthinkable a quarter of a century ago.

The legendary sights you have come to see will stay in your memory forever: the awe-inspiring Great Wall, the unique Terracotta Army of X'ian, the vibrant cities of Beijing and Shanghai. And in its Olympic year, China is on a mission to prove to the rest of the world it can put on the best show in the world.

Your indispensable Irish Independent guide is packed with information on how best to explore this vast country and make the most of your time away. There's a list of the top 10 must-see sights, our personal recommendations on the best places to stay, and invaluable tips on how to tap into local life. You'll also find a fascinating historic flashback, up-to-the-minute fact-files about eating out, culture and shopping, and easy-to-use maps.

From the frequent flier to the first-time visitor, this is a collection that anyone who loves to travel will treasure and find themselves returning to time and again.n Each Saturday, we introduce a new destination.

n Tomorrow, Book 9, China, will be available at newsagents and participating outlets for a RRP of €3.99 plus one book token found on page two of the Irish Independent.

n The series is running over 15 weeks.

n Tokens may be redeemed in store on the day of purchase or within one week.

n A new book and token is available each Saturday through Friday

n Should you miss a book in your collection, don't worry. Simply visit our website www.independent.ie/books/ and find your local participating newsagent. n Follow the instructions and you can then redeem the book with a token and €3.99 from your local store.


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