Saturday 17 February 2018


He remains the most interesting guy in Hollywood and once more George Clooney proves that, just because you're a liberal actor, you don't have to be a pain in the arse (take note Sean Penn, Tim Robbins et al).

Clooney took his beloved pet pig, Max, for a spin in John Travolta's jet and commented: "Max absolutely loved it. I think if he had hands, he would have made a better pilot than John."

Max is an old friend, but nearly caused Clooney trouble during the 1994 earthquake. Says Clooney: "Max was in bed with me and woke up minutes before it happened. And I was yelling at him for waking me up, when everything just exploded.

"So, I'm naked with Max, and running. My buddy, who lives in the downstairs guest house, comes running up. And he's naked. With a gun, because he thought someone was breaking in. And I'm trying to write a note to my folks, trying to explain to them in case we die that it's not what is seems: two naked men, a gun and a pig."

That's one way to shatter a million female dreams.

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