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Wine not: Triona McCarthy's hangover recovery beauty tips

Triona McCarthy has top beauty tips to counteract over indulgence. Photo: Tony Gavin.
Triona McCarthy has top beauty tips to counteract over indulgence. Photo: Tony Gavin.
Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer.
Buddha Water Hibiscus.
Limited Edition Soleil Contouring Compact.
Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Shimmering Body Oil Spray.
Bella Hadid. Photo: Getty.
Shiseido wetforce suncream for sensitive skin

Overindulged last night? Not to worry, Triona McCarthy has the top tips, tricks and product picks to get you back to your best

Triona's trends

Buddha Water Hibiscus.

Wine Face. It's a thing now. As I write this, I'm suffering from it, having spent the weekend in Connemara at our friends' wedding. Hi, Niamh and Denis!

All alcohol is just so dehydrating, and this leads to lines and wrinkles. Whatever you do, don't look closely at your face the morning after the night before. Nobody needs that on top of The Fear.

So the first thing you need to do is put on sunglasses. You need to get out in the fresh air and get your heart rate up. Picking up a bottle of coconut water will also help with your hydration levels, although Buddha Water Hibiscus, above, €2.45, made from birch sap, is what all the cool peeps are drinking these days.

As well as being excellent for rehydration, the makers claim the saponins in the birch-sap water help to control blood cholesterol levels and boost the immune system. An energy drink for your face is needed next, to make you look alive under those sunnies.

Try Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer, below, €32. This primer is infused with coconut water, probiotic-based ingredients, and skin revivers to help boost skin's radiance, while locking down your make-up for the day.

Wear on its own for a dewy, healthy look, or, if you can face it, under foundation.

Put some colour on your lips too. If your skin is looking green, adding a bright colour such as the Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Fuchsia, €23 - I'm wearing it in my photo, above - will perk your look up and, with the sunnies on, no one will ever know that you're actually a wreck!

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer.

Triona's trick

"Hey I just met you, And this is crazy But here's my number, So call me, maybe."

Maybe Carly Rae Jepsen sings this because she's afraid her spot won't be gone in time. To shrink a spot in minutes, get some mouthwash, pour it onto some cotton wool, place it on the pimple for a minute or two and wait for the phone to ring!

Bronze have more fun

Limited Edition Soleil Contouring Compact.

FFS! I can't stop oohing and aahing over this Limited Edition Soleil Contouring Compact, above, €90, the first face palette from Tom Ford that features a blush, a highlighter and a bronzer.

Honestly, everything, ev-er-ry-thing that man makes, I want.

It's a ridiculous price for a palette, but the snazzy white and gold case is adorable, not to mention the fact that the super-fine powders are so soft and silky that it's impossible to make me look cakey, and I just love the way the colours give my face definition, but without settling into my fine lines!

Well, it just means there's way too much month at the end of my money!

Aqua fresh

Bella Hadid. Photo: Getty.

Bella Hadid, above, is the model of the moment, especially after she wore 'that dress' at Cannes. Michelle Casey, proprietor of Aqua Beauty and Medi Spa in Stillorgan Village, Dublin, see, is the person to see if you fancy getting a supermodel look.

The Skin Breeze Facial, €150, is an unbeatable combination of five technologies in one treatment; they include orbital microdermabrasion; LED light therapy; hyaluronic acid pumped into the skin; oxygen infusion and a super-hydrating masque.

The Shrinking Violet Body Wrap, €75, is just the thing for getting you into that dress that's just a bit too tight - it uses hydrolised lecithin to shrink cellulite in the targeted areas.

Triona's most wanted

Shiseido wetforce suncream for sensitive skin

I hear the words 'game changer' and 'revolutionary' at every new launch I go to, however, this new suncare product from Shiseido truly is special, and a very important development in the suncare industry.

Normally water is a big no-no once you've popped on your protection - not with this, though. In fact, Shiseido WetForce Expert Sun Protection Lotion, above, €36, uses revolutionary technology to harness water-ionic power so it resists UV rays and actually increases sun protection. So sea water, pool water, and even perspiration all enhance its effectiveness.

The formula works by binding to the minerals contained in water and perspiration to create a barrier and improve UV protection.

I have skin like an old boot, but my kiddies, Mini and Maxi, have inherited daddy's Celtic complexion, so this version, which is for sensitive skin and children, is a great one for our family. It's also paraben free, alcohol free, and fragrance free. It might seem pricey, but a little goes a long way and, once applied, it lasts. It's available in Brown Thomas Cork; Arnotts; Debenhams; Harvey Nichols and good pharmacies nationwide.

Cult product

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Shimmering Body Oil Spray.

Check out the summer 2016 Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Shimmering Body Oil Spray, above, €42 - a very Insta-friendly versh with its rose-gold tones.

The lightly-scented body oil with a subtle shimmer not only looks lovely, it smells like summer in a bottle, and it gives a gorgeous glow when it's used on the collarbones, shoulders and decolletage.

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